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sdr_ooc's Journal

Sunnydale Reunion: the OOC
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This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. It's plot takes place just before the beginning of the fifth season. Here's the catch: An Alternate Dimension (one that one of Anya's buddies created) created a rip in it and the one closest to it: Sunnydale. Another Faith, another Buffy and another Angelus slide through the rip and decide to party. The Four Slayers meet.. The Buffy's hate eachother, but the Faith's are best friends. Another Jenny Calendar has also come through.
But who.. or WHAT else will come through the rip before it's closed.. if ever?

So Welcome to:
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We're currently NC-17 + on our material. Be warned, just don't be stupid.

We all need 'em. Rules:

1) Respect the group and its members, as well as its Moderator. Flaming or otherwise negative behaviour towards the group will result in an instant ban.

2) Respect your fellow players. If you have a bone to pick with them, do NOT take it to the OOC board, or to other members e-mail. Tell the Mod. She will try to resolve the matter by speaking to all parties involved, so all can come to an agreement.

3) One post is expected, once every two weeks. This makes room for threads. If you are still continuing a thread in two weeks since your last post, finish the thread, then make your post ASAP.

4) If you disappear off the face of the earth, you will be removed, and if possible, replaced. You may re-apply for your character, only once after removal.

5) If a thread includes more than five characters, do not add another unless given approval by the mod. This reduces confusion, and reduces interference with other RPers plotlines that they may have going on.

6) Upon joining the community, you will be given the opportunity to make your own post, or one will be made open for you to get immediate activity from your character upon joining the game. You may NOT join an already on-going thread, unless approval from the mod has been given. Characters may have a plot that they don't need your character coming in on at the time.

7) No God-Modding, unless permission from the characters' Mun has been given.

8) Whatever the Mod says, goes. Putting up a fuss, or flaming her or the group will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. If you are not mature enough to handle not getting your own way in the group will result in instant removal. Further negative actions will result in banning. (I may remove the last two lines once all this has cooled down. Right now, it's staying.)

9) The OOC board is for plot ideas, which must be discussed if you are entering into an already on-going thread. Please be considerate of other players and their threads. Interrupting their thread with your own is considered rude and disrespectful. Also, if you have any plot ideas, post them there for discussion.
The OOC board is also for Out Of Character announcements. If you believe you will be away for longer than two weeks, please notify the Mod or post in the OOC.

10) Use proper spelling and grammar. It's just spiffy.

11) If the Mod asks you to change a post, please know that it is not out of disrespect. If she asks you to, do it. Though if it is repeated, she may ask you to leave the group. She's not trying to be mean, or nasty. Just keeping the groups interest as a whole in mind.

12) The moderator attempts to be fair and reasonable. But also keep in mind that she is human. She will also for her mistakes, and it is considered respectful if you do the same when mistakes are made.
(This rule applies to chat)

13) Whenever the Mod makes a decision, she has the welfare of the group in mind.
OOC Comm- sdr_ooc
Mod 1: _cryinginside_
Co-mod: oldreliablewill

Buffy's Sunnydale:

~*~Buffy class_protector
~*~Faith lost_your_faith
Xander sdr_xander
Cordy cordy_c
Dawn drawingdawn
Anya alittleaud
~*~Angel fallen_lover
Joyce OPEN

The OTHER Sunnydale:
Buffy 2 destructogirl__
Faith 2 fiveforfaith
Vampire Willow red_puppy
Vampire Xander OPEN
Darla angelus_lover
~*~Angelus hellsonlyangel_

~*~Sean Donovan sean_donovan
Rupert Giles newrippergiles
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce OPEN
~*~Nathan Andrews blinded_by_fury

~*~Tara magickaltara
Willow oldreliablewill
Jenny Calendar pagan_jen

Sunnydale's Bads
Spike OPEN
Harmony OPEN
Drusilla demented_dru
Ethan Rayne OPEN

~*~Sean Donovan sean_donovan
~*~Kegan Silvermoon goth_poet
~*~Nathan Andrews blinded_by_fury
Lee little_me_lee

Riley OPEN
Forrest OPEN

The Geeks
Warren OPEN
Andrew OPEN
Jonathan OPEN

If you wish to join, e-mail the mod at her e-mail addy: heathen_angel6615@yahoo.com, or comment on her journal: _cryinginside_.

You'll need:
Character desired:
Paragraph in character:
Your OOC journal name
AIM SN: (optional)
and put sd_reunion on lj in the subject in your e-mail or comment.

Thanks lots!
-The mod